Why the new CYGNUS 20th anniversary edition “The Dragon Egg” (TDE) , AKA “The Wall of Sound” is a completely new approach in loudspeaker design and apparently one of the best speaker system in the world?

TDE features the best approaches of different design principles with it’s advantages like

  • open baffle design, no enclosure that impacts the driver parameters in the mid-range
  • direct radiating for the high range which retains the directivity and accurate reproducibility of the most important first incoming wave front
  • line array design which enables cylindrical wave fronts for accurate dispersion known from PA systems
  • co-axial and co-centric time alignment of the driver units for it’s well accepted best possible holographic 4-dimensional (1) sound stage (like Tannoy systems)
  • highest sensitivity for open baffle systems in the industry (94dB/2,83V/m)
  • highest max output for open baffle systems in the industry (124dB)

All this is featured by the new CYGNUS 20th anniversary edition “The Dragon Egg” (TDE) loudspeaker system without dragging the drawbacks of the before mentioned design principles like unbalanced frequency response in the high range of Coax systems and diffuse sound stage of full range dipole systems.

The TDE has dipole character only up to 1200 Hz (cut of with 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filter) and hence retains imaging comparable with the best studio monitors in closed enclosure (like CYGNUS Quasar speaker system).

The TDE employs two active dipole subwoofers with digital amps operating in ClassD with DSP and parametric filtering.

All of the above makes it to one of the best speakers for large rooms in the world.


For more info and technical white paper please click the link below:

The Wall of Sound Project


CYGNUS gains fantastic review from 6moons

Srajan Ebean writes: For a final sonic takeaway and because there's sufficient user commentary to make it relevant, I'll invoke Bruno Putzeys' nCore 1200 amps plus Laurence Dickie's Giya speakers. If you've heard a Mola Mola show demo with Vivid speakers, you have the general flavour or sonic school. If you've heard how a big nCore amp removes bass boom from big ported speakers because it asserts complete control over an underdamped alignment, you have previewed the Cygnus system's bass. One might even invoke a big full-range electrostat for equivalent seamless speed, intense transparency and minor coolness but would have to add greater dynamics. Lastly, with the Cygnus trio Christian Brückner previews what, for reasons already given, I think ought be the future of high-performance home audio speakers: purpose-designed 2.1 systems. That Cygnus Audio arrived at this realization prematurely and practices it merely demonstrates foresight. For its designer, it also shows sporting rebelliousness. He won't kowtow to prevailing wisdom aka market trends. He built what he believes is the most effective speaker solution for the ubiquitous issues of domestic situations. 

Read the full review here:



CYGNUS and ForteVita AUDIOVISORE III "CINEMASCOPE" revealed phantastic results at last listening session in MILAN

ForteVita and CYGNUS agreed to cooperate in Future projects providing equipment and mutual assistance at HiFi shows in Italy and Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

After a 9 hour listening session all participants of the meeting at the facility at ForteVita in Milan on Sunday the 19th of January 2014 concluded to build a sales and marketing partnership providing equipment and promote each another. The performance of the AUDIOVISORE III program amplifier playing on CYGNUS speakers have been gorgeous. 

New excellent review of proven system CYGNUS audio Quasar + DiSUBX15

The German online-magazin HiFiSTATEMENT publishes a new review of the unsurpassed Studio-Monitor + Dipole Subwoofer system from CYGNUS

An other time the CYGNUS audio Manufactory of Emotions gathers an excellent review with it’s semi-active 2.1 Ultra-High-End Studio-Monitor and phenomenal active DSP controlled Dipol-Subwoofer!. Please follow the link and read the review from Wolfgang Kemper (in German) in the actual issue of the online magazine HiFiSTATEMENT 

New product announcement!

CYGNUS introduces the worldwide first ESL - Hybrid with integrated Dipol-Subwoofer...

Fore more details please follow the blog


HIFI VISION |  world biggest HiFi-Magazin for iPad!
only iPhone, IPad, ab 14.08.2008




CYGNUS-audio The Manufactory of Emotions

AUDIO Phile 01/2013 issue reviews about the CYGNUS 2.1 set:
"High End subtlety meets high speed and ultra precise low range. The clever semiactive 2.1 set with digital dipole woofer shines with phenomenal precision, owerwhelming dynamics and resolution as well as superb timing." Malte Ruhnke und Marco Breddin, AUDIO Phile issue 01/2013


The CYGNUS system is addressed to listeners, professionals as well as private music lovers that pay maximum attention and value to artifact free and clear music repro-duction without any compromising in the optical appearance. Such a system will satisfy even the very demanding listener in the studio or home environment over many years and will bestow lots hours of bliss. With the CYGNUS system music plays absolutely naturally and on a very high level." Sven Bauer, HiFiStars issue 08/2010

HiFiSTARS 08/2010 PDF download of reprint



AREADVD 11/2009: "The basis for the excellent result is most previously to be sought in the extreme fastness of drawing transients where even tiniest nuances are captured very precisely. The Quasars provide a capability to resolve those details which have been thought to be possible to date only with speakers which are equipped with ceramic chassis only. One of the brightest sides the CYGNUS 2.1 set reveals in the midrange where the test probes provides one of the best results we ever heard!" Lars Mette, AREADVD issue 11/2009

AREADVD 11/2009 PDF download of reprint








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